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November 16 2017

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Starting the day's yoga class.
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July 08 2017

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Another yoga poem that came to me while meditating at the beach.

It Rustled in the Sand

Sometimes a piece of the lava
rejects the grains of sand it becomes
like a current in my eye
I want you to flow on my lips
you see feet as romantic as the wind!
I stayed enriched and broken sepia
under the moonlight evening
your curtain is a salt filled with morbid dove.
There are no granules but thirsty cycles of mosaic and cinnamon
books of plumed crooked brick.

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April 23 2017

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Yoga at the beach
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The camel pose.
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March 25 2017

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Breathe in deep and relax.
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March 24 2017

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Doing a yoga split.
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March 19 2017

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Performing yoga at peace.
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March 12 2017

Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be bent out of shape.
— Unknown
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Yoga by the sea. Tree pose to greet the peaceful day.
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Calm and serene at the beach on a picture postcard day.
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